Parkersburg Choral Society

On this page we would like to salute our sponsors and advertisers who help us fund all of our activities. There are several levels of support. All funds go to support the Parkersburg Choral Society in some way. Contributions to the Choral Society are tax deductible. There are a number of expenses incurred such as : paying for music, accompanist, director, musicians, rent of rehearsal space etc.

If you would like to become a sponsor, its very easy. Choose the amount of support you would like to give (the entire amount will be tax deductible). Send a check in that amount payable to the Parkersburg Choral Society to:
Parkersburg Choral Society,
Don Hainkel,Treasurer
41 Acorn Lane
Parkersburg WV 26101

Sponsor levels              Amounts

Friend                            25.00 -49.99

Sponsor                        $50.00 - 74.99

Patron                                    75.00 - 99.99

Benefactor                     $100.00 - $249.99

Order of The Lyre                $250.00 & Up

Attach a note saying you would like to be included in the sponsors list. That's all it takes. It is that easy. Please contact us with your support. We appreciate it very much!